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The purpose and passions of the King's Fold Retreat and Renewal Society extend beyond our retreat centre.  Our mission is to "become a leading catalyst for authentic spiritual renewal inviting everyone to enter into an openness to God so that they can participate in God's kingdom of love, peace, and justice."  Our desire as King's Fold Urban is to offer this invitation to those in urban areas.

1.  What is King's Fold Urban?  Isn't King's Fold just a retreat centre?Calgary_Tower_Vertical.jpg
King’s Fold is actually a Retreat and Renewal Society so our purpose and passions extend beyond the 166 acres our retreat centre sits on west of Cochrane.  Our desire is to invite people to awaken to God in the middle of their everyday lives.

2.  How did the idea for King's Fold Urban come about?
Essentially, we recognize that not everyone can come to King's Fold, or can come as often as they would like.  So we are asking ourselves, "Is there something of King's Fold that we can take and make more available to others, elsewhere?"  Times of retreat and of withdrawing from our normal, daily responsibilities are of great value, but in order to invite people to this openness to God, we are not content to limit this message to those who come on retreat.  We would like to offer this invitation in creative ways to those in urban areas, such as the city of Calgary.

3.  Is Calgary the main/only focus of King's Fold Urban?
This is the place where we are offering ourselves first.  However we are prayerfully expecting that other ministry opportunities will open up as we become intentional about encouraging others to enter into an openness to God, participating in his kingdom of love, peace and justice.

4.  Who is King's Fold Urban?  Is there opportunity to become part of it?
King's Fold Urban
offers various events, workshops, and experiences throughout the year.  Our desire is to invite people into a wider understanding and experience of prayer and anyone who wants to enter into this is welcome.  Check out our Upcoming Retreats to see details about upcoming King's Fold Urban events.

5.  How will King's Fold Urban change what the King's Fold Retreat Centre is?
The King’s Fold Retreat and Renewal Centre has been a place of deep refreshment and spiritual hospitality for almost 40 years and will continue to be a rich gift to everyone who comes.  We will not be distracted from this ministry.  But our hope is that we can extend the invitation of awakening to God beyond the borders of the centre and touch many more lives with the soul-refreshing, life-giving message of God present at the very core of our being.

This is a new endeavor for us - we do not know exactly where this will take us or what the way looks like.  However, we want to respond to an increasing expressed desire that extends beyond what has traditionally been known as King's Fold.