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April 17, 2015

It was an inauspicious beginning to the New Year—my wife in bed with the flu. As Calvin (from Calvin and Hobbes fame, not the theologian) pointed out, “one of the remarkable things about life is it’s never so bad that it can’t get worse.” And worse it got, eventually resulting in 16 days in the hospital followed by weeks of slow recovery.

By the end of February I was exhausted and needed a place to simply be… to pause and take stock of what had just happened. King’s Fold provided that place.

To be clear, the point of this story is not the events that brought me to King’s Fold as much as the fact that there was a place where I could go. Place matters and as I sat in the greenhouse that day, I was deeply grateful for a place of beauty, quiet and rest.

As you are aware, King’s Fold is in the process of raising $380,000 to upgrade its facilities so that it can continue to offer this kind of space to pilgrims in need (that would be all of us). Let me encourage you to give generously to King’s Fold in the coming months. Whatever you are able to give will be appreciated and will be used toward ensuring that King’s Fold continues to be a place of rest. During tax season let me also offer this modest proposal: For those of you who are receiving a tax refund, would you consider giving 25-30% of this refund to King’s Fold? For many this is money we tend to use to purchase something extra… why not contribute to creating a sanctuary, a place of beauty and rest?

I recognize that there is no shortage of good causes that could benefit from your donation. King’s Fold is only one of these. But sitting in the greenhouse that day literally gave life to my soul and that is no small thing.  It's no small thing for anyone who finds life for their soul.  Thank you for investing in King’s Fold.

Rinus Janson
Chair, King’s Fold Board

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