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Don't Wait for the Weekend!

December 17, 2015

Come to King's Fold and retreat during the week! Yes, weekends are popular at King's Fold. But space is often available MIDWEEK for both group retreats and personal retreats. You can come overnight or just for the day. Just contact us ahead of time to book.

Weekends are popular for guests coming to King's Fold.  But keep in mind the following options...

- Consider coming midweek - on personal retreat or with your group.  We're here just like on weekends!
- Check with us last minute in the event that there has been a cancellation, even for a weekend.  Sometimes this happens and you might benefit.
- Book your personal retreat on a LONG weekend (Easter, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, etc.) which we reserve for individuals and couples (no groups).
- Know that we now have two rooms for individuals or couples on personal retreat that can be specifically reserved ahead of time.  They will generally be available even if we have a group, and they are beautiful!

Email us to set up your retreat or call our office at 403-932-3174.