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Finishing Well: A Call for Generosity

February 25, 2016

The Final Leg of the King’s Fold Place Matters Fundraising Journey


Dear Friends,

First of all let me thank you for your support of the Place Matters journey to date. Together we have achieved 50% of our target of $380,000 with just over 8 weeks to go (and we have spent much less than 5% on administration).

King’s Fold Retreat Centre has given all of us so much. Since 1978 people from Alberta and beyond have found sanctuary, renewal and restoration. I am one of those people and am grateful to have spent time in this sacred space. King’s Fold is a blessing—a blessing we desire to carry forward for generations to come. It is my hope that our children will be able to visit King’s Fold and encounter God there.

To ensure this legacy is passed on we need to raise $180,000 by April 30—that is $1000 from 180 people or $100 from 1800 people. The funds are needed to restore the lodge, particularly the roof, windows and furnaces, all of which are essential to continuing the retreat experience.

We are calling on you to prayerfully consider how you can contribute to the King’s Fold legacy. Your generosity is needed. Donations can be made to King’s Fold by:

  • Calling 403-932-3174 to donate with VISA or MASTERCARD
  • Mailing a cheque to King's Fold, Box 758, Cochrane, AB  T4C 1A8
  • Donating online through Canada Helps -
  • Pledging an amount to be paid at a later date (and emailing us the details)

Thank you for supporting King’s Fold Retreat & Renewal Centre. We look forward to ensuring that this place matters for each of us and for those who follow.


Rinus Janson

on behalf of King’s Fold Retreat & Renewal Centre Board

 In solitude of heart we can listen to the events of the hour, the day and the year and slowly formulate, give form to, a response that is really our own. In solitude we can pay careful attention to the world and search for an honest response.
(Henri Nouwen)