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Labyrinth Walk in Calgary

Oct 12, 2017
The purpose and passions of the King's Fold Retreat and Renewal Society extend beyond our retreat centre. Our mission is to "become a leading catalyst for authentic spiritual renewal inviting everyone to enter into an openness to God so that they can participate in God's kingdom of love, peace, and justice."

A King's Fold Urban Initiative

King's Fold Urban Launches the Experience Series...

Our desire as King's Fold Urban is to offer opportunities for sacred space, a welcoming and unhurried presence, with an intentional experience of prayer and openness to God.  The first event in our Experience Series is a Labyrinth Walk, in Calgary on October 12th.

Location:  Knox United Church - 506, 4th St. SW (enter through doors off of 4th St.)
Date:  October 12, 2017 - 7:00 pm
Facilitator:  Michelle Newsham
Cost: by Donation

The labyrinth is an age-old sacred circle with a single path leading to and from its center. That center typifies our centeredness in the Divine.  There is one way in and one way out - a beginning and an end.  It is not so much a journey TO God, but a journey WITH God, as we rest in the knowledge that the whole labyrinth - our whole life! - is in God and held by God.  Although at times it may seem like we are journeying away from the center, we find we are actually well on the way towards it.  Even those unexpected turns, which seem to lead us away from Divine Presence and care, are in fact ordained to be an integral part of our ever-deepening journey, on the labyrinth and in life.  If we persist and calmly follow the pathway one step at a time, one turn at a time, it ultimately leads us to being centered in the Divine.

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